22.2.2016, 10:51 Revival

Greetings, earthlings. I know it's been a veeeeery long time since I last spoke with you all, and it's likewise been a very long time since I've been drawing in general, or comics in specific.

I've recently managed to acquire a scanner/printer for my own sad little priorities of art, and I've been avoiding Sticks! in particular because I realise how atrocious it is, and how badly it needs a massive reboot.

I will do that. Eventually. And even get you new comics. I promise. No seriously, I have a crap ton of unfinished comics already written! They just need the drawing.

I've been keeping myself busy. Wage slavery means more work and stress than money, but I'm still here, which is the important thing. I've since transported myself across the country from Virginia to Arizona (Toot-toot, Tucson!) and have joined in with a band of pirat-- I mean, artists called CONSTANT CON!!! It's part art gallery, part work space, part comic con, all year long! I've started with the Etsy crafts and getting what I have in my queue finished and/or going, some fan art, and I've also been doing a looooot of writing. Not just the novels (Dark Side is at 22 chapters on FictionPress, and Dragon's Wing is on Chapter 12!) but also some comics. One of the projects I've been working on is a Batman parody, done in the style of a serialised comic book (you know, the 14-pagers you pick up for $3-8?) called Rats With Wings, which has a Facebook page and some admittedly gorgeous press artwork. I've also got this ridiculous long-form graphic novel series that is more like Martin's Game of Thrones or Tolkein's Lord of the Rings type thing, as if I can draw nice enough to compete with the imagery I want. Majestic dragons and fae! HA! I make myself laugh.

Sticks! needs a refresher, a practise place to get the semantics and technique down to make a decent comic strip, and Rats With Wings for the book-format, and MAYBE, just maybe, when I'm confident enough that I won't spoil the story with my shit artwork, I will write the fantasy series (which, like always, is untitled). Hell, you think I'm going to keep Herron and Mordecai as "Dark Side" and "Dragon's Wing"? No. It's just a lot less confusing than referring to the novel by focus character, even if that's how I do it in my head. Ideally, I'll come up with a better title before publishing. That's the goal, anyway.

So... What I'm trying to say is, I WILL be redoing this comic. It's on my agenda, and now that I have the tech, I'm going to do it. I've actually been doing homework now, so I can not royally fuck it up this time.

Because, you know, practise makes perfect. And I'm practising again! Get hype!

(Ps, yes, there's a name change, even if this thing isn't reading it right. Call me B, Blake. New stuff can be found on the Facebook page, and the new website is now, so... You know. Go and follow the thing!)